Better Digestion Diet

The Better Digestion Diet is a type of diet based on the consumption of fiber that helps accelerate the digestive system’s function and avoids the discomfort of digestive disorders and difficulties.

In addition, the consumption of fiber tends to satiate hunger which means you will not feel as hungry as usual during your meals. But, most importantly, it will help people who find it hard to go to the bathroom. This diet will make them feel lighter. Continue reading “Better Digestion Diet”

Exam Diet

The Exam Diet is a specific diet that helps provide the body with the nutrients needed during examinations.

This type of diet is not focused on losing weight, its most important thing is to help balance the body’s metabolism and to help the body perform at its best during a specific period of time (exam period) in which there is an increase of tension, stress, mental exhaustion, etc.

This diet is designed to provide the body with all the nutrients the body needs during an exam such as vitamin B, vitamin E, potassium, magnesium and zinc, all related to the ability to concentrate, memory, intellectual performance and mood. Continue reading “Exam Diet”

3 day diet

The Three Day Diet, sent by gbn, can help you lose up to 3 kilos in 3 days, that’s 6.6lb in 3 days.

You can follow the diet three days a week for as many weeks as you wish or until you achieve the desired weight. It is essential to avoid drinking soft drinks and carbonated drinks as well as desserts and sweets.

It is important not to prolong this diet longer than recommended as it could cause problems and eating disorders. Continue reading “3 day diet”

800 Calorie Diet

The 800 calorie diet is a very strict hypo caloric diet that only allows the consumption of 800 calories a day to help you lose weight. 800 calories a day is a very small amount compared to the approximately 2,000 daily calories most people consume each day.

This diet is a basic example of the type of meals you can have with an intake of just 800 calories a day. Continue reading “800 Calorie Diet”

Permanent Make-up

If you are interested in a more permanent make-up and you want to avoid having to make adjustments to your makeup every now and then, you can try rubbing an ice cub on your face or gently rub half a lemon on your skin before making-up.

The Tanning Diet

The Tanning Diet combines qualities and virtues from two specific diets, one designed to boost your summer tan and the other one designed to help you lose weight, thanks to its low calorie levels.

The Tanning Diet is meant to be followed during the summer, so you can easily find the season’s typical fruit and vegetables that contain high levels of vitamin A (beta carotene), responsible for skin pigment and for giving your skin a brown and tanned look. Continue reading “The Tanning Diet”

Make-up removal

Sometimes make-up removal products can be aggressive to the skin. In order to easily remove makeup from the face without harming the skin, you should wash your face with milk, then dry your face with some cotton and finally apply some face lotion. If you follow this procedure your skin will stay clean, smooth and soft.

Diet Against Constipation

The Diet Against Constipation is a diet designed for people who suffer from the uncomfortable symptoms of constipation such as bloating. This diet against constipation is intended to stimulate the intestines and adjust the balance by reducing traffic disturbance caused constipation in approximately one week . Continue reading “Diet Against Constipation”

White Teeth

A very effective way to whiten your teeth is to brush your teeth with a some baking soda and a small amount of water. This trick will help you to gradually recover the natural whiteness of your teeth without having to devote much time or having to spend too much money.
It is important not to use this remedy too often, you should not do it as a habit as baking soda is very aggressive and if used in a very regular basis it may cause damage to your gums and teeth. That is why it is recommended to use this remedy only once in a while.