Potato Diet

The potato diet allows you to lose over 6lbs in one week (3 kilos in one week). It is important, as in all diets, to fall into good habits that will not only increase the likelihood of the diet’s success but also help you keep a more balanced and healthier lifestyle. Among the many habits that we should have, we recommend drinking two liters of water a day as it will help cleanse your body from toxins, it will hydrate the body and it will satiate hunger. We also recommend you to perform some continuous physical exercise.

Procedure: For breakfast, brunch and snacks you can choose among the suggested options while for lunch and dinner you should follow the specific menus but you can change the lunch menu for the dinner menu if you wish.

For breakfast

  • Coffee or tea with skimmed milk.

For brunch

  • A yogurt (as wished).

As a snack

  • A yogurt or fruit juice.
  • An apple.

Menu 1: Lunch

  • Chicken (preferably without the skin as it is where the largest proportion of fats and toxins are).
  • Potatoes (One serving: 200-250 grams, that's between 7 and 8.8 oz)

For dinner

  • Pepper salad and potatoes.

Menu 2: Lunch

  • Oven baked omelette.

For dinner

  • Fish (served as wished).
  • Potatoes (one serving).

Menu 3: Lunch

  • Potatoes with boiled green beans.


  • Potato, radish and mushroom salad seasoned with virgin olive oil.

Menu 4: Lunch

  • Potatoes (one serving).
  • Grilled or oven baked salmon.


  • Boiled chicken, potato and celery salad.

Menu 5: Lunch

  • Grilled steak
  • Potatoes (one serving).


  • Potato and sweet pepper salad.
  • A yogurt.

Menu 6: Lunch

  • Potatoes (one serving).


  • Fish (as wished).
  • Steamed or oven baked potato.

Menu 7: Lunch

  • Oven-baked potatoes


  • Natural tuna.
  • Potatoes (one serving).

Potatoes have a lot of good qualities, they contain vitamins, minerals and other substances necessary for our body to function properly. Even so, potato calories can vary greatly depending on the way they are cooked. For this reason, to follow the diet correctly, we recommend you to cook the potatoes in the oven, with steam or with other systems that do not require a massive use of oil as it is what provides more calories.

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Has anyone tried this diet? Does it work and in some instance it is not very clear on the menus.
Commented on 26-10-2009
Cleansing diet
Hi, I found your blog and read a few of your other posts. I just added you to my Google News Reader. Keep up the good work. Look forward to reading more from you in the future. Regards, Jone
Commented on 13-03-2010
can I eat cottage cheese with potato and salad on this diet too and salad cream as I feel happy hving jacket pot salad cot cheese and small salad cream.
Commented on 19-06-2013

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