Relativity of Anti-Aging Diets

Antonio Villarino, vice president of Sociedad Española de Dietética y Ciencias de la Alimentación (Spanish Society of Dietetics and Food Sciences) announced that there is no ideal anti-aging diet because if there was one, we would all be going on it. According to Villarino, there is no ideal diet to combat aging because aging is a multifactorial problem. The types of diets carried out in industrialized countries do not contribute at all to a healthy aging process, but rather the opposite, they favor weakness which most commonly causes diseases and premature aging. This is the reason why Villarino supports diets designed to prevent, as far as possible, premature aging. Although there is no perfect diet to combat aging there are many ways to eat healthy in order to slow down the body's aging process and maintain your youth a bit longer. In conclusion, anti-aging diets do not exist because no diet will bring back your youth but there are diets designed to slow down your aging process that will maintain not only your appearance but also your health. You should also bare in mind that many environmental factors can influence the process.

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