The Papaya, Mango and Guava Diet

The Papaya, Mango and Guava Diet was sent by Elicaro, he tells us that if you go under this diet you can lose up to 22 lb in 25 days (that's 10 kilos in 25 days). This is a type of dissociated diet that focuses exclusively on the dinner, the other meals (breakfasts and lunches) can be continued as usual. Anyhow, if you want better results, Elicaro suggests to follow a very low calorie diet during these 25 days, he recommends a low-calorie diet of 900 calories. The diet procedure is very simple and does not need much effort, which makes it easy to follow wherever you may be.

Procedure: The diet is divided into 3 stages First Stage: lasts 5 days, in which you should only eat papaya for dinner until you feel satisfied (remember you can eat whatever you want for breakfast and lunch). Second Stage: you should continue eating papaya or mango until you feel satisfied for the following 5 days. Third Stage: during the last 15 days you should only have guava for dinner until you feel completely satisfied. Since this is a very low calorie diet, it is recommended not to follow it for more than 25 days. Following the diet for more than 25 days could cause serious health disorders. On the other hand, it is advisable to visit a specialist so you can be monitored and receive some personal advice.

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