The Atkins Diet

Atkins Diet

The Atkins Diet is a revolutionary proposal by Dr. Robert Atkins designed more than three decades ago and which, thanks to its effectiveness, it is still a diet followed by many people today. The Atkins Diet promises rapid weight loss without starving. It is based on eating lots of proteins instead of vegetable-based foods, vegetables or carbohydrates.

The Atkins Diet promises weight loss of up to 4 kilos during the first week. During the following weeks, the weight loss index goes down to 2 or 3 kilos per week. On the other hand, it is important not to follow the Atkins Diet for more than a month. To avoid any possible health problems, it is advisable to contact a specialist who can monitor you before you follow the Atkins Diet. Procedure: The procedure of the Atkins Diet is very simple. The diet consists of eating large amounts of protein and avoiding carbohydrates. According to Dr. Atkins, carbohydrates consumed by the body are converted directly into energy while proteins are stored and subsequently turned into fat. This is the reason why the Atkins diet is based on the consumption of protein. The body will use fat as an energy supply and thus lose weight, because the body will only be able to use the fat produced by proteins as fuel. That is why most people can follow the diet precisely, because it allows you to eat what many other diets ban, food that tend to appeal to people. Diet: The Atkins Diet allows you to eat almost all kinds of food, rich in proteins and/or fat regardless of the amounts of cholesterol such as meat, sausages, cheese, eggs, seafood, butter, oils, sauces, creams etc. So it is not recommended for people suffering from cholesterol. On the other hand the consumption of carbohydrates should be minimal. You should avoid consumption of pasta, rice, vegetables, breads, cereals, sugar, alcoholic beverages, including fruits and vegetables... because its high amount of fiber will prevent fats being absorbed by the intestine. Example: Day 1: Breakfast: - Scrambled eggs with bacon - Coffee or tea without sugar Lunch: - Grilled steak. - Salad Dinner: - Prawn cocktail - Toast Day 2: Breakfast: - Scrambled eggs with bacon - Coffee or tea with no sugar Lunch: - Roasted pork. - Mixed vegetables Dinner: - Roasted chicken - Salad Day 3: Breakfast: - Scrambled eggs with bacon - Coffee or tea without sugar Lunch: - Grilled trout - Scrambled eggs with spinach Dinner: - Lamb chops. - Salad Day 4: Breakfast: - Scrambled eggs with bacon - Coffee or tea without sugar Lunch: - Beef fillet - Roasted tomatoes with slices of cheese Dinner: - Grilled prawns with mayonnaise - Slice of toast Day 5: Breakfast: - Scrambled eggs with bacon - Coffee or tea without sugar Lunch: - Grilled chicken with salt and pepper - Fried eggplant with garlic Dinner: - Grilled monkfish - Prawns with garlic and parsley Day 6: Breakfast: - Scrambled eggs with bacon - Coffee or tea without sugar Lunch: - Rabbit with garlic - Piquillo peppers Dinner: - Toast with salt and oil - Ham Day 7: Breakfast: - Scrambled eggs with bacon - Coffee or tea without sugar Lunch: - Tenderloin fillets with cheese and onion - Salad Dinner: - Grilled squid with garlic and parsley - Asparagus salad Main disadvantages of the Atkins Diet: - The high content of saturated fat and proteins with high levels in cholesterol, are highly detrimental to health because they increase the level of uric acid, triglycerides and cholesterol, increasing the chances of suffering serious cardiovascular problems. Dr. Atkins suffered a heart attack, heart failure and hypertension, among other health problems. - Dr. Atkins famous diet is based on feeding the body with fats and the absence of carbohydrates, but the supply of fats may harm the muscles and may cause general fatigue throughout the body. - Fruits and vegetables are slightly covered by the Atkins Diet as they contain some amounts of carbohydrates. On the other hand, these foods tend to be the main supply of vitamins and minerals your body needs and without them your body might not function properly and might be more easily exposed to diseases. - The absence of fiber, mainly coming directly from cereals and legumes, may cause constipation or intestinal disorders. - The lack of carbohydrates usually cause halitosis (bad breath) because in the process of burning fat the body frees "ketones" which cause bad breath while protein intake produces more sulfur into the upper part of the tongue causing bad odors.

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