Maintenance Diet

The Maintenance Diet is a type of diet that allows you to maintain your ideal weight, or the weight you feel comfortable with, and it simultaneously provides you with energy and vitality. The Maintenance Diet menus are the main key to maintain your weight because they all contain food and substances with no fat, but still provide all the energy your body needs. You can go on this diet for one month, but if you follow it very strictly and you combine it with some kind of sport, you may lose some weight (up to three kilos during the first month).



  • A plain yogurt with corn flakes and raisins.
  • Two toasts with margarine and honey.
  • Two slices of ham.
  • Tea or coffee.


  • A grilled steak.
  • Vegetable salad.


  • Fruit salad with rice.

To make sure you get good results you should drink two liters of water a day and do some kind of regular and moderate physical exercise. This will contribute not only to the effectiveness of the diet, but also to a better quality of life.

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