Grapefruit Diet

As long as the diet is followed consistently and alternated with habits such as drinking two liters of water a day and doing a bit of sport regularly, the grapefruit diet can help you lose up to 1,25 stones in a week (8 kilos in a week). The grapefruit diet is a low calorie diet with many benefits because its main food is grapefruit which is a fat-free fruit with low levels of sodium and high levels of vitamin C, fiber and water. Grapefruit satiates hunger which will make it easier for you to follow the diet.

The main disadvantage of this diet is that grapefruit does not provide enough nutrients that your body needs to stay healthy and to function properly, that is why it is recommended not to follow this diet for over a week and to see a specialist so you can receive further advice and you can be monitored during the diet. ProcedureBreakfast

      • Half a grapefruit.
      • Coffee or tea without sugar.


      • Half a grapefruit.
      • 2 boiled eggs
      • Cucumber and tomato salad dressed with lemon, vinegar and herbs.
      • Brown bread toast with coffee or tea without sugar.


    • Half a grapefruit.
    • Half a head of lettuce seasoned with vinegar or lemon and aromatic herbs.
    • 200 gr. grilled chicken.

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David Moulton
That seems like a lot of weight to lose in one week, so I fully agree with the suggestion that a specialist is consulted. Thanks for all these diet tips. Certainly there is something that will suit everyone here!
Commented on 12-08-2010

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