Basic Diet to Reduce Cholesterol

Cholesterol is a dangerous substance in regard to cardiovascular disease and neurological diseases. In order to reduce cholesterol you should have a good body performance and an overall nutritional care. Given the fact that each person has a different profile and that there are several types of cholesterol, we suggest a diet that helps reduce bad LDL cholesterol as well as weight.

In order to follow this diet correctly, you should only choose a menu, try to choose a different one every day, and follow it step by step. Breakfast and mid afternoon snack: Menu 1 * A glass of skimmed milk, decaffeinated coffee, tea or herbal tea. * Two whole-wheat toast spread with light jam. Menu 2 * Fruit juice. * Fresh fruit. * Skimmed yogurt. Menu 3 * Decaffeinated coffee. * Yogurt with cereals (except if you have a high level of triglycerides). Lunch: Menu 1 * Vegetable soup. * Red meat (beef). * Vegetable salad. Menu 2 * Mashed potatoes. * Grilled fish with carrot or pumpkin. Menu 3 * Lentils cooked with peppers and carrots. * Chicken with peppers and tomatoes. * Skimmed yogurt. Menu 4 * Vegetable soup. * Grilled fish. Menu 5 * Eggplant cooked as wished. * Grilled fish fillet. Menu 6 * Spaghetti with tomato sauce (no cheese). * Grilled turkey fillet with tomato and spinach. Menu 7 * Vegetable salad. * Grilled fish. Menu 8 * Vegetable soup. * An oven baked breaded meat fillet. * Skimmed yogurt. Dinner: Menu 1 * Tomato stuffed with tuna. * Fish with tomato. Menu 2 * Boiled spinach. * Pumpkin Souffle (Pumpkin mixed with two beaten egg whites and baked in the oven). * Vegetable salad. Menu 3 * Vegetable soup. * Chicken with mashed potatoes. Menu 4 * Asparagus. * Brown rice with seafood. Menu 5 * Beet pie. * Fish cooked with onions. Menu 6 * Boiled beans with potatoes. * A small plate with pasta or two pizza slices with cheese. * Te. Menu 7 * Boiled corn. * Chicken with salad. Menu 8 * Boiled or blanched asparagus. * Fish (cooked as wished). Apart from these menus, we suggest some of the following ideas to make this diet more effective and to help you enjoy the results. * Drink a liter and a half or two liters of water a day. * If you become constipated you can take a tablespoon of extra-virgin olive oil on an empty stomach. * Meals can be served with a small piece of bread or with two slices of brown bread. * Avoid using large quantities of salt, as salt should always be taken moderately.

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