Basic diet for diabetics

People with diabetes must monitor and control what they eat. Here we propose a diet that can be used as an example or reference for developing a daily menu that fits the needs and characteristics of diabetic people.

Procedure Breakfast

  • A glass of semi-skimmed milk with no sugar.
  • Wholemeal cereals.


  • A wholemeal bread sandwich with fresh cheese.


  • Vegetable salad (as wished) with some sunflower oil or seeds (to prevent vascular problems).
  • Grilled fillets with chips.
  • An apple, preferably with the skin as it is where most of the fruit's fiber is concentrated.


  • A small wholemeal bread ham sandwich or a skimmed yogurt with wholemeal cereals


  • Boiled pasta with spinach
  • Grilled sardines dressed with parsley.
  • An orange

Once a week, low-fat cold meats may be consumed in moderation. A part from this diet it is also advisable to follow some tips like having 5 or 6 meals a day and to try not to skip any meals. You should also try to drink two liters of water per day to maintain body hydration and to help remove toxins from the body.

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