What's a dissociated diet?

A dissociated diet is a type of diet based on the separation of food groups. It's a diet that tries to avoid mixing proteins and fats with carbohydrates. Such diets tend to be for times when it is urgent to quickly lose weight but it should never become an eating habit as it could create serious problems and nutritional deficiency. This is why it is not advised to go on this diet for more than one week. The best advice when going on a dissociated diet is to stick to the basic guidelines of dissociated diets like never mix carbohydrates with proteins and fats, drink plenty of water and above all don't go on this diet for over one week.

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I did this diet for 20 days last summer after a master cleanse for a previous 20 days and it was the perfect way to start eating solid foods again. I’ve been eating like this ever since although i don’t do full days i do meals and i’m healthy and my weight is maintained perfectly. Make sure you seek medical advice before embarking on this tho because if you have deficiencies is probably not the best. Also don’t expect to work out as your energy levels will be at a all time low ( at least it was for me)
Commented on 26-12-2010

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