Symptoms of menopause or climacteric

Menopause is a period of biological changes that happen to women when they reach adulthood. As with the arrival of menstruation, menopause causes hormonal changes that may affect in one way or another the women who suffer it. To improve the quality of life, these changes can be controlled and reduced through appropriate care and with appropriate hormonal treatments.

Eating habits and physical exercise Firstly, it is crucial to maintain healthy habits such as carrying out some form of exercise regularly, eating well and healthily and avoid smoking. Maintaining your weight is also an important aspect to be monitored. Until recent times, gaining a few pounds when reaching middle age had no relevance, but over time and thanks to technological advances and studies, it has been revealed that weight gain is a relevant fact during this stage. The arrival of menopause reduces the levels of leptin, a hormone that helps regulate the sensation of appetite, which makes some women feel hungry and consequently get fat. On the other hand, in relation to weight gain, it is important to know that, in some cases, the decline of female hormones during menopause unbalances the body with more male than female hormones. This increases the volume or fat in areas such as abdomen or stomach (like most men) rather than the hips or buttocks (more common in women), which at the same time increases the likelihood to suffer from cardiovascular diseases. Preventing obesity and all these symptoms is a task that must always be carried out as a habit to help improve your quality of life. When you begin to notice the first symptoms of menopause, it is essential to start these habits and to learn how to eat well and healthily in order to avoid having to go through special diets or other sacrifices. As regards to physical exercise, it is important to perform any type of aerobic exercise on a regular basis to help invigorate the body, to exercise the skeleton and to help you lose any extra pounds that you might have gained. Furthermore, proper exercise fully contributes to the prevention of osteoporosis, a very common condition during menopause in which bones become brittle and fragile from loss of tissue, specially on wrists, vertebrae or hips. Sex The lack of estrogen (female hormones) often cause a deterioration of sexual pleasure and can hinder orgasms. On the other hand, research tells that women with a previously successful sex life, suffer these symptoms to a lesser extent and can enjoy a full and satisfying sex life. It is important to take care and to value sex life since studies show that women who have satisfactory sex during adulthood are less likely to suffer from anxiety and depression. You should turn all these aspects into habits in order to treat menopause as a normal stage of life as it will contribute to improving the quality of life before, during and after the first symptoms of menopause appear. It is important to know that menopause is not a disease but a stage or experience in which the body undergoes some significant changes that start off women's adulthood and it is good to live it and enjoy it thoroughly as healthy as possible.

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jane nowell
Some women think about the starting of symptoms like hot flashes and mood swings. Especially Endometriosis sufferers treat menopause as blessing for them. So they take endometriosis and menopause as positive. When women face menopause, they try to cease experiencing the unpleasant symptoms of endometriosis. Menopause brings that opportunity for them. Generally menopause is accepted despite its painful effect cordially. After the onset of puberty, endometriosis symptoms can be felt any time. That means menstruating women are more threatened with developing endometriosis. So if they are passing menopausal years, they are less likely to experience the painful effect of endometriosis. They get some relief there. So many women welcome menopause to relieve themselves of pain related to the endometriosis. But menopause does not offer the removal of all endometriosis symptoms. The appropriate answer of this feature is not yet known to specialists.
Commented on 13-12-2009
jane nowell
Menopause is the time when women lose fertility. So it is a very difficult period for them. This brings changes to their life. Thus they start to believe that they are getting older very quickly. Due to menopause, they experience some common effects. They also worry about these issues. As a result they suffer from insomnia. Hopefully this problem can be solved. This is also treated as a common side effect of menopause.
Commented on 19-12-2009

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