Aerobic exercise

Aerobic exercise is a type of exercise mostly recommended to maintain good physical condition and to reduce body fats and toxins. Basically, aerobic exercises are considered to be exercises that help you take air into the lungs such as walking (fast), cycling, and all kinds of exercises that require moderate intensity. The aim of aerobic exercises is to increase the heartbeat rate and to allow the entry of more air into the lungs .

If you want to do any type of aerobic exercise in an optimal way and take advantage of all the benefits it brings to health, you must do the exercises regularly, continuously and with low intensity. This will allow red blood cells to carry oxygen throughout the lungs and metabolism . On the other hand, if the exercise is carried out intensely, it may increase lactic acid levels in skin tissues. If this happens, the exercise becomes anaerobic which means the body works differently and the results may vary considerably. Any aerobic exercise, if done properly, helps improve the quality of life. If you increase your blood oxygen level you will improve your cardiovascular, respiratory and metabolic system which will improve your health and your physical appearance as this type of aerobic exercise fully helps remove excess fat and toxins from the body.

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