Rice, chicken and apple diet

The rice, chicken and apple diet allows you to lose up to 20 pounds in 9 days during which you can only eat these three food items: rice, chicken and apple. It is a quick diet that can help you lose more than 2 pounds a day, and at the same time, clean your body from toxins.

This diet is based on the consumption of only one type of food per day (when you want and as much as you want). The nine days are divided in three and only one type of food is allowed during the three days. For the first three days: rice, for the following three days: chicken and for the last three days: apples. The most important aspect of this diet is to never mix the food.

During your diet you can’t drink any alcohol because it would alter the diet results. You may only eat one of the three food items and drink water or coffee with no added sugar or milk.

The rice chicken and apple diet procedure is easy:

During the first three days you can only eat boiled rice without adding any other food or substance.

The three following days you should only eat chicken, you can have it boiled, in the oven, or grilled. The most important thing when cooking the chicken, a part from not mixing it with any other food, is to cook it without its skin, as it is where most the chicken’s fat and toxins are.

During the last three days you can only eat raw, boiled or baked apples.

The rice, chicken and apple diet allows you to lose up to twenty pounds in nine days (9 kilos in 9 days). If the diet is carried out properly, you’ll start to notice the results from the second day – and you’ll start feeling less heavy. It’s a very quick diet but it requires some sacrifice as you are only allowed to eat these three food items separately: rice, chicken and apple.

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  1. Hhhmm 9 days and all to eat is rich chicken and apples I might give it a try but 20lbs in 9 days seriously I don’t think so. How weak are we gonna feel? Am I going ot be able to run after my 17month old? I woul love to lose that much so quickly. The only thing is once you start to eat regular foods again even just healthy foods we will probably gain the weight back

  2. Ive done this diet 4 times and i love it its wonderful it not only help you loose the extra weight but it also make you feel full of energy and never hungry i made some modifications that made even better the results i change the white rice for brown rice and made it with 100% fat free chicken broth to add a little flavor and i only ate chicken breast instead of dark meat i love this diet every time that i feel that my pants are too tight i do it and go back to my healthy weight i recomend it 100% When you finish the diet you dont even crave fatty food anymore its wonderful its not easy but its worth it!!!!

  3. hola jo comienzo hoy esta dieta y espero acabarla mido 150 y peso 52 aber q tal me ba me esta costando pero le boy a poner un par chao

  4. Yes yvette, you can add pepper or salt to the rice, but too much things you add, less effective the diet will be.

  5. White rice? Are you crazy? You want to eat empty calories for 3 days? Get real. brown rice is vital – unless you want to turn yourself diabetic overnight. lol.

  6. Hi, What can you I instead of the chicken. I am a vegetarian. I wouldn’t be against fish, would that work?

  7. I am at the end of the 1st day of chiken, I had differents kind of rice,
    White rice ( chinese) brown, long, wild every time a different time most of it uncle ben, and I lost 3 kilos in the first 3 days.

    So I started at 87 kilos and today I am at 84, I am pretty sure most of it was water weight but i feel better anways.

    Today, “chicken tornados ” they have bacon but I took it out,
    bought 2 boxes of 12 at costco for 9 99 each,
    I ate 4, so if with the bacon 170x 4= 680 calories,

    I have been drinking diet coke and coca zero and seven up and unswettened iced tea,

    I added salt rosemary, pepper to both rice and chicken and so far I am happy.
    I ll let you know when I finish with the chiken.

  8. Do you eat a bowl of rice for each meal or as much as you want during the first 3 days? How much should the calorie intake be ? And do you see any changes on your body because of the weight loss ? Because i want my tummy flattened and my arm jiggles gone . Can i drink my coffee with splenda, and water with crystal light?. Im 5’3, 145 pounds, and hopefully will be 127 in 9 days .

  9. someone did this diet UNTIL THE END ? for all the 9 days i mean…
    how many Kg/pounds did you lose ?

    I’m at the 5th day (the 2nd chicken day) and I only lose 2Kg….
    i only eat white rice (with very very little salt) the first 3 days and chicken breast for 2 days…maybe i’ll lose 4Kg at the end of the 9 days ?

  10. Would I be able to loose at least 10 pounds if I do 6 days instead of 9
    2 days rice, 2 days chicken and 2 days apples ?

  11. I’m at the 8th day (the second apple day), I did exactly what was written in the diet and i lose 3Kg (6.6 pounds).maybe the day after the diet i’ll be loosing 4kg (8.8 pounds)…less than half of what i was supposed to lose.
    but is ok 😉

  12. I’m going to give this a try, I started today black coffee in the morning water all day long and 1 serving of rice so far… lets see how this goes

  13. In response to your question Paul it probably would continue to work in terms of dropping weight but it may drastically affect your health to be devoid of so many important nutrients. Its not a very smart idea to do so and in all truth I doubt you have the will power to stay on it so long if your over weight in the first place. No offence I`m pretty heavy my self.

  14. Hi
    On my 3rd day of rice, and 4.5 lb lighter!!! I added lots of herbs to my rice(I used basmati rice), but no salt. I drink a lot of water. Can’t wait for the chicken tomorrow!
    I will keep u guys posted!

  15. hello today is my first day hope this works i noticed i dident have any cravens of food that is a big plus for me check back charlotte

  16. I am starting tomorrow 3 days of rice will post results! Looking forward to loosing some of this extra weight… Starting diet at 153lbs

  17. Ahh i wanna try this! But How Effective Is It? && Can You Do This Longer Then 9 Days? I Want To Loose About 50 lbs

  18. i just started today….i found black rice at safeway that is more nutritionally dense than brown rice…and because of where it is grown it contains essential vitamins and nutrients ( like iron and potassium,,two things i am low on so i was worried a bit how i would be able to work out without my normal banana, but since per serving this rice has 400+mg of potassium i feel better)..will repost in nine days

  19. I have eaten white rice for 3 days now and it has been horrible. Anyway I can see a slight difference but I will only weigh myself at the end
    Of the 9 day.

    Believe me, I have done the diet as it is written without adding anything and have drank only water. I am starting eith chicken today so at the end I will tell everyone how much I lost and If I lost.

    If it doesn not work for me dont do it because it has been done exactly as written because I wanted to see if it actually worked.

    I have been eating on the first 3 days 5 spoons of rice for 3 meals a day shich are about 500 calories a day.

    Now 3 really thin pieces of grilled chicken forevery 3 meals which are nearly 900 calories a day without fat.

    Ill let you knowbut im not sure If im seeing a difference but I hope so.

  20. Now I am on the second day of apples and have weight myself after the strict diet eventhough I still have today and tommorow.

    I went from 79.9 kg to 77.5 kg.

    This is the weight loss from the start of the diet to the second day of apples. It was done as it is writen without adding anything as I was asked to test it! Very strict.

    The conclusion is that: you will never loose 8 kg in 9 days even though you do it as written with sport etc. drinking only water.


  21. I started the diet today… we will see how this works for me.. I am 5’6 and i weight 177 pounds… I need to lose this over weight!!!

  22. can you eat brown rice instead of white rice? and do you gain all your weight back after this ends?

  23. Lost 2 kilos already very happy added a.little bit of pepper and deed herbs for flavour so let’s hope will continue to loose the weight

  24. I’ve done this several times…every time I have done it I’ve lost a minimum of 18lbs in 9 days. It is very difficult when you start but gets easier day by day. I hate rice so I was sick of the taste by the end of the first night lol. Also I actually exercise with one. I started again yesterday and now I’m on day 2….very excited. The key is when you are finished make sure you eat healthy (veggies, fruit, etc.)

  25. I needed to lose 11 pounds in 12 days or sit it out on the football bench. I lost more than enough, I am very thankful!

  26. I needed to lose 11 pounds or sit it out on the football bench at our first game. I used this diet and lost more than enough weight. I am very thankful!

  27. I am on my second day of rice and boy am I tired of eating rice. I weighed before I started and will weigh again at the beginning of day 10 to see results. I exercise daily so I don’t know if that will make a difference in the diet but I can’t wait to see the results.

  28. I am now on day 5. Lost 6lb in the three rice days and will weigh again after the three chicken days. I have to say that I am finding the chicken days a bit tiresome and am feeling very tired and irritable today! Looking forward to some vegetables on Thursday!!!!

  29. Day 10! Didn’t think I would get through the last apple day without caving but an early night saw me through. Final weigh in this morning showed a 14lb weight loss over the whole 9 days, with the most being lost on the first three rice days. It was really boring and really hard some days and I ‘m glad it’s over but also very pleased with the kick start just at the point where I was losing interest in my diet!

  30. I started this diet the day after splitting my colon. my intestines were tender, swollen,and painful. I looked as if I were pregnant.im now on my 26th day and ive lost 22 lbs. I would of lost more if I did the three day each diet, but I ate them together. I feel full and very satisfied with how I feel today. my colon is healed but im not taking any chances of the painful experience I indured…..and I have a flat tummy once more 🙂

  31. Esta dieta es super buena yo la ise y me resultó perdí 8 kilos es según el organismo pero lo que mas me gusta es que me e mantenido y no tiene efecto rebote voy x la segunda vez y ya llevo 5 días y ya e perdido 4 kilos la recomiendo 100% x siento créanme que resulta

  32. I am on my third day of rice.. I think i can pull it off and continue.. although am sick of boiled tasteless rice! cant wait to start on chicken tomorrow. I already lost a bit lesser than 6 lbs but am sure that most of it is water weight.. lets see, ill update in 6 more days although am sure it wont reach 20 lbs especially for the ones who are not too much overweiht.

  33. ok so im going to start this diet tomorrow. ive seen more people saying it works more than the “ney sayers” . but the only thing im worried about is that there isnt anything that explains how much rice a day, chicken ,etc. i dont want to over eat or under eat. so please, could somebody reach out to me and let me know? thank you , lets lose the weight together!

  34. I am finishing my 5th day and I’ve lost 5 lbs so far. It is very hard, but also very worth it to see results so fast. I’m treating it more like a detox than a diet to get my body used to no added salt or sugar and to retrain my body to eat healthy and crave natural foods. Good luck to everyone!

  35. Hi how much rice ,chicken do u have at a time? And how many times a day do u eat? How many apples do we eat in Apple days and can it be any apples? Red or green!

  36. Why would they want you to eat white rice, you might as well eat sugar for 3 days, that’s what it turns into once you’ve eaten it. Of course you should eat the brown rice, it hasn’t been striped of all it’s fiber, and nutrients. They have a brown rice diet, but not a white rice diet, though some people eat so much white rice, they might as say there on a white rice diet. You’ll lose weight better if you eat the brown, fiber is a big plus when your dieting.

  37. I started this morning with my friend carley I weigh 9.7 stone ate basmati rice with ginger tea
    Ate rice 3 times today and had 2 cups black coffee was hungry while out so ate 4 plain dry rice cakes
    Day one over will keep u posted finger xd

  38. I’m on day 4 and have lost 8 pounds. I’ve been drinking lots of water and when I get the urge to cheat I have more rice. Today starts chicken. Something I love. I’m gonna hang I there.

  39. This is my 2nd time doing this diet. The 1st time I lost 17lbs… This time I changed from eating white & brown rice… To eating yellow rice, which tastes better to me… So far I lost 9lbs in 3 days… I drink plenty of water & coffee… Which have been cleaning my body out

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